TS Vancover

Sitting on south quay in King’s Lynn the sea cadets headquarters covers 3 floors with lots of rooms on the ground floor with a small hall and boat work shop offices and toilets, a main hall on the 2nd floor with 3 little rooms and a bar area and the 3rd floor is the loft area which is used for storage and has stair cases at either end leading down into the main hall. E.A.P.I. where privileged to be asked if we would investigate this building. As we where the first team to go and investigated we was all expecting to have to go back a few times to gain the trust of the spirits within. Well was we mistaken right from the off until we packed up for the night the activity never stopped. From the simplest of taps and knocks to furniture moving we where all surprised about the amount of activity that happened. E.A.P.I. are going back sometime in September to this fantastic location.

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