The Witches Tree and Gunton St Peters

After a very busy month for E.A.P.I. with our public events and private investigations. It’s nice to know that our “FREE EVENT” this coming Saturday 30th July 2016 at The Witches Tree and Gunton St Peters is the last event of the month.

There has been a lot of changes these past weeks with personal come and personal go, but it’s been for the good of the team. Also E.A.P.I. have managed to get another exclusive location which will only be done once a year.

So keep checking out our public ghost hunting events and we hope to see you on them in the future.

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One thought on “The Witches Tree and Gunton St Peters

  1. Our “FREE EVENT” at the Witches Tree and Gunton St. Peters was a huge success. We meet some new people which is always great and made some new friends. A lot of them enjoyed their experience on this ghost hunt with E.A.P.I. they are now bought tickets to join us on future public events.

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