The Hell House, Skegness

I would hazard a guess that the house is an ex local authority house built 1930ish, you can see remnants of it being a family home from around the late 70’s but after that it appears to have gone down hill, lots of fake teak effect wood cladding to the walls and floral wallpaper taking me back to memories of my childhood.
Then the decor takes you into the 80s with it’s awful attempt at artexing and peculiar attempts at wallpapering in the lounge, I’ve never seen anything so weird to be honest, the kitchen if you can call it that is split over two rooms, one of them being an old lean to that looks as if it’s been constructed out of anything the person could lay their hands on and possibly found in skips, I’ve never seen so many different styles of tiles on a wall, again probably picked up free, the place is dark, damp & mouldy and could do with seeing some bleach in the areas frequented by visiting teams.
Again a guess, but to me it looks like a house that was owned for many years by an elderly person & I would then think someone has picked it up cheap after their death, possibly through an auction and from there on it’s gone terribly wrong.
On arrival I went for a walk round the house to get a feel of the place and I have to say the back bedroom hit me as soon as I walked in there, the energy just changes as soon as you walk through the door, I haven’t read up on the house as prefer to go in blind and pick up on what I feel naturally, for me it felt sad, like someone forgotten and reminiscent of the Age concern adverts we regularly see on our TVs through the winter months & the energy felt masculine, I had previously been in the front bedroom and attic and have to be honest and say I felt nothing.
Downstairs the front lounge felt heavy and the kitchen full of memories but again to me more sad than anything, I kept seeing a very elderly gentleman wrapped in a blanket to keep warm in my minds eye and felt his name began with the letter A, no heating in the house at the time apart from coal fires and single glazed windows again taking me back to my childhood when the windows used to freeze on the inside.
Miners strikes, Margaret thatcher etc all coming to mind.
So finally to what we experienced during our investigation, myself, Karl & Tony teamed up with Sharon and Sam from EAPI & Gary lead the paying guests off to other parts of the house, we headed straight for the back bedroom taking the K2s, R.E.M. pod & Ovilus with us, one by one we experienced sudden coldness and the feeling of someone touching your hair, Sharon was feeling movements on her back and at one point Sam thought Sharon was sitting further back on the bed than she actually was.
The ovilus gave its first word as Doctor interesting as I had previously felt a feeling around the top of my stomach and felt this man had suffered with stomach cancer & then suddenly we were getting flashing lights on one of the K2s which then included the rempod and second K2, I decided to check for signs of intelligence by asking the entity to move away from the Rempod and come towards me and instantly the rempod stopped and the K2 in front of me was lit up like a Christmas tree, I then asked it to move from device to device and it responded which we were all totally amazed at, it was during this time that Tony recognised it appeared to be using morse code on the rempod.
During break Tony downloaded morse code so he could explore this theory further and we did this in the front lounge, Sam recorded so Tony can look into this at his leisure to see if his theory is correct.
Again in the lounge the K2s appeared responsive and during this session we decided to move the rempod into the hallway, this time all the lights were coming on & I actually heard someone coming down the path and trying the front door but when I looked out the window there was nobody there but the rempod responded as if someone had walked in through the front door.
After another break we tried the Ouija board in the front bedroom but had no response whatsoever and none of us could really feel anything so decided to move it back into the back bedroom, there we had a bit of movement but not much that made sense though every time we asked the entity to spell their name it moved over the letter A, we then decided to call it a night.
Obviously I haven’t accounted for Gary’s team but I am aware they too got activity with the methods Gary was using, our joint conclusion of this house after our first visit was “yes” there is something there, we had all gone in open minded and vowed to give our honest opinion. Again collectively we felt this isn’t in our opinion a “Hellhouse” well that is apart from the state it’s in but “it is haunted” and at some time I would probably like to go back.
I hope this review is helpful to anyone thinking of visiting the place & I would say it’s worth visiting.

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