Meet the Team


Founder & Lead Investigator

Gary grow up in North London but now he is living in Lowestoft Suffolk. From a young age of 3 years old he could see a spirit of a young boy that no one else in the household could see. When his family moved from the house to a new property the spirit stayed at the old property and Gary never saw him again. But this wasn’t the last of this experience because a strange thing happened. Gary named his first son after the spirit, he didn’t know this until my mum told him. He has also in the past had lucid dreams that have come true. On April 20th 2013 he formed a team called E.A.P.I. getting like minded people together who are interested in investigating the paranormal to find evidence/proof via scientific means to join the team. One of Gary’s lucid dreams Air Florida Flight 90 was a U.S. domestic passenger flight that originated at Washington National Airport in Arlington County, Virginia, and was scheduled to terminate at Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with a stopover at Tampa International Airport in Tampa, Florida. On January 13, 1982, the Boeing 737-200 flying Flight 90 crashed into the 14th Street Bridge over the Potomac River. The aircraft was carrying 74 passengers and five crew members. Four passengers and one flight attendant survived the crash. Four motorists from the bridge were killed.



Co-Founder & Team Manager

Sharon was born and lived in Lowestoft Suffolk all her life. She has had a fascination with the paranormal for years but is skeptical. Her first investigation was 4 years ago and that’s when she had her first paranormal experience. In her words it was the cheapest night out she’d had in ages. As whilst out on this investigation she came over feel drunk to the point where she could hardly stand. But even then she looked for logical reasons for what was happening to her. She has had many more personal experiences since then that she cannot explain from pictures with mist near her, voices she’s caught (EVP’S) and responses via bangs and taps. Whilst on investigations she uses a pendulum and dowsing rods which gives E.A.P.I. further evidence. On April 20th 2013 she helped Gary form a team called E.A.P.I. to get like minded people together who are interested in investigating the paranormal to find evidence/proof via scientific means to join the team.



Audio/EVP Technician 

Alex Collins. Has been researching the paranormal since 1985, when he was 15, when he had my first paranormal experience. Since then I have been researching the paranormal, then started doing spirit communications from 2004. He finds it interesting that we can communicate with the spirits from the other side via EVP’s, Ghost box and EchoVox among other devices.



Investigator  & Team Secretary

Sam’s been interested in the paranormal from a young age having had a lot of personal experiences , the most recent one was 2016 where she had to ask for help from the EAPI founders. Sam had been a guest on the group’s investigations for a year previous before she had to call the team for their help. After that she got more interested in the paranormal and when asked if she would like the opportunity to join the team she jumped at the chance. In Sam’s words every investigation she learns more because every investigation is different.



Investigator &  Health and Safety Officer

Mark has always been interested in the paranormal, from an early age he experienced strange things that he couldn’t explain. About a year ago he had his first opportunity to go on an investigation with E.A.P.I…This made him more determined to get involved within the paranormal field. Shortly after that first investigation he join E.A.P.I. and thats where his spiritual journey really started and over these period it has grown hugely. Due to the support and continued support from Gary, Sharon and the rest of the team at E.A.P.I.




Investigator in Training

Siobhan has been interested in the paranormal ever since she was little. At age 11 her auntie died and ever since then it’s got her mind thinking about what happens to us when we do die. She joined E.A.P.I. for 2 years to further her knowledge within the paranormal field.  She learnt so much in those 2 years but decided she need a break. After having a break from the paranormal field for a year and a half. Siobhan wanted to start her work again within the paranormal field. She know there was only one team to join and now she’s back with E.A.P.I.