Storm witch

A storm witch is familiar with the breathing of the world and the quality of the light in the sky and clouds; these things speak to him, or to her, in spiritual and mystical ways. They will know about the science of meteorology as well, always working to increase their understanding of how to apply science to better understand the weather. The Coriolis Force, the effects of solar energy upon land and oceans, the thermodynamics of hot and cold air masses, changes in pressure – they will have this in their minds, and in the weather apps they download to their phones.

Transformation is perhaps the most fundamental of magical acts. There is power in the wind to transform; small wonder ancient languages often used the same word for “wind” (or “breath”) and “spirit.” Most witches have no real sense of wind as a magical tool, or ally; but storm witches become close friends with the wind.

A storm witch makes use of the particular energies found in wind, in falling rain, or in warm or cold air, the way other witches might use the energy of Elements, or the Four Directions, or totem animals. They might charge crystals, sigils, or magical tools using sunlight, moonlight, or storm energy. They might search out trees struck by lightning for wood for wands, staffs, or other crafts. Depending where they live, they might also seek out the energy after a tornado, hurricane, or other weather event and turn it to positive purposes.

By Caz Rooney

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