Redoubt Fort 01/07/2017

E.A.P.I. was at one of our favorite locations for another paranormal event. The Redoubt was built between 1808 and 1810 to protect the port of Harwich against the threat of Napoleonic invasion. It was part of the scheme that included the construction of 29 Martello Towers on the East Anglian coast. The Redoubt is of circular shape, approximately 200ft in diameter, with a central parade ground of 85ft diameter. Hoists lifted shells from the lower level to the gun emplacements. It is similar in design to earlier redoubts at Dymchurch and Eastbourne.
Though difficult to imagine as it is now surrounded by houses, when the Redoubt was built it was on a hill top with free views in all directions. A house was demolished to make way for the Redoubt, and a large elm tree – used by ships as a navigational mark – was also removed. It is said that French prisoners of war were made to help in the construction.

This night turned out to be a very interesting night with activity many personal captured by members of the team and the guests. But it was one of those nights where you would start to get activity then it would just go quiet, it was as if something was hold the spirits backs from communicating. The Ganzfeld experiment once again gave E.A.P.I. some good results and we also started a new experiment at the fort which our findings will be revealed once we analysis all the results.

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