Paranormal Concept Show

Tonight from 9pm Gary from E.A.P.I. has been asked to Co/Host the Paranormal Concept Show with Kerry Greenaway. Tonight they will be talking to Suffolk Ufologist David Young about the Rendlesham Forest incident. We shall be discussing much of the controversy that still pervades the 1980 UFO RFI. Much has happened over the past couple of years which include the removal of ‘Left at East Gate’ by the publishers, along with a couple of other publications by Peter Robbins after his very public disassociation from Larry Warren. There has been the release of a new important book by Col. Charles Halt and John Hanson ‘The Halt Perspective’, which was published just before the Robbins/Warren ‘split’ which led to an epic statement by Peter.

Just click the link below to go to the show:-

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