Paraforce UK 2017 We need your votes

Please get “VOTING” ,”KEEP VOTING” and “DON’T STOP VOTING every vote counts. Send in your votes to the e-mail below.

Paraforce UK 2017 is only a few months away and now it’s your chance to get involved.E.A.P.I. are nominated for the following:-

1. Best Events Company of the year. = E.A.P.I.
2. Best Paranormal Team Logo of the year. = E.A.P.I.
3. Best Website of the year. = E.A.P.I.
4. Paranormal Pin up guy of the year:- Mark Gray of E.A.P.I.
5. Paranormal Pin up girl of the year :- Sharon Bradfield of E.A.P.I.
6. Photo of the year. = E.A.P.I.
7. Team of the year = E.A.P.I.

Thank You.
E-Mail =

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