Wilkinson’s EVP

We done three sessions here and these are just some of the responses we got.

Session 1


 Q. How many are here tonight
A. 2


Q. Are you going to give us any names?
A. Jonathan

Q. Dave is that you trying to get through?
A. Yes Dave

Q. Was it as bad as you thought going over?
A. nope

Q. Is Dave still with us?
A. gone

Q. Are you alien
A. yes

Session 2

Q. What was the name of the little girl?
A Emma

Q. How old was the little girl?
A. 5

Q. What colour is his hat?
A. blue

Q. Do you think he looks good wearing the hat?
A. (female) Yes (male) No

Q. Is Emma with the 2 boys?
A. yes

Session 3

Q. How many spirits are on the shop floor?
A. 9

Q. Have you been here all the time?
A. yes

Q. Do you have fun in this store?
A. to much

Q. We’re going soon can you do 1 loud band?
A. (spoken) bang