Letheringham Water Mill Halloween 2017

Letheringham Water Mill fancy dress ghost hunt experience was a huge success with most of us dressing up for the occasion. Throughout the night different experiments where carried out with some remarkable evidence captured.

Gary and Sharon


One of the experiments we tried was new to us and that was using zenner cards in conjunction with the radio shack. The cards where shuffled up and one was placed next to the radio shack, face down. We then asked spirit if they could name the card. We got a reply back saying “STAR” when the card was turned over the symbol on the card was a star.

Mark and Sam


This location never fails to deliver and we all can’t wait to go back again next year. The more we go the more validation we are get from the spirits that hunt this location.  Also we have a new area to investigate which was discovered by Mark and Sam this area is within the grounds of the property.

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