Letheringham Mill 05/11/2016

A mill was recorded here in the Domesday Book, but the present building dates from 1740 with 19th century additions. It ceased operating as a mill in 1927 and was grade II-listed by English Heritage in 1966. Timber-framed with clapboarding and a plain tile roof consisting of two floors and two attic floors to the gambrel roof. Mill inner frame is close studded with angle braces and chamfered ceiling beams. All machinery has been removed save for the wheel, which has an octagonal wooden shaft; iron outer ring – which has been renovated in the last 2 years.

E.A.P.I. held their third investigation at this location this year and once again the mill didn’t disappoint. The activity started from the moment we got there until the moment we left. We had our facebook members watching a 4 hour live feed of our cctv keeping us up to date with any activity they captured. Also we did what we think is a first on an investigation a 5 hour radio show live on location. E.A.P.I. tried out a couple of new experiments, Ganzfeld Experiment and Zener Experiment. Both these experiments had been tried at other locations by us and again they gave us good results.

Letheringham Mill is a exclusive location to E.A.P.I. and we only investigate it a few times a year. So we can’t wait to go back again next year, so we can dig deeper into the history of the mill.

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