Letheringham Lodge and Letheringham Mill

Saturday 25th June 2016 events at Letheringham Lodge and Letheringham Mill was a huge success. With plenty of personal experience had by the team members and also guests. These two events where videoed by  “Olly Lambert who is one of the most talented documentary filmmakers working in British Television”. This film should be air on YouTube very soon so go check it out. E.A.P.I. also tried a new experiment to us which was the Ganzfield Experiment.  A Ganzfeld Experiment (from the German for “entire field”) is a technique used in parapsychology which claims to be able to test individuals for extrasensory perception (ESP). The Ganzfeld Experiments are among the most recent in parapsychology for testing telepathy. We can say that we got some very interesting results use this and we look forward to using it again at future events.

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