Karl Bland Interviews The Founder of E.A.P.I.


June 8, 2017 Karl Bland

K. I be honest im not familiar with your work considering our proximety so can you tell me where it all began
G. I was born in Enfield and my mum and dad had a Victorian cottage in Waltham Cross.  It was there at the age of 3 I  saw a spirit of a young boy.
k. I know waltham cross very well, i grew up in waltham abbey
G. There is a lot of history around that area Ellan Cross Roads and the tunnels leading out of Waltham Abbey just to name two.
K. yea i researched a lot including the hidden staircase and the black cross at the abbey
K. can you explain this experience
G. It was like a real person to me but no one else could see him. It was that bad that my poor mum had to dish up plate of food for him at dinner times as I wouldn’t eat otherwise. We had the old fashion outhouse also and she would have to take him to the toilet. But if we went into Waltham Cross he would never come as he couldn’t cross the road as it was the end of his boundary.
K. Many children have invisible friends that many adults dismiss onee of my sons who now 18 experienced it
G.The reason for this is because a child is innocent and they use their sub-concuss part of the brain more than an adult.
K.so have you experienced spirits your whole life
G. I’ve experienced many forms of psychic ability throughout my life. But I did close myself down back in 1979 due to a nasty near fatal accident at work.
K. After your accident would you say when you reopened your auric field that the ability intensified
G.I know that I’m now open again to the spirit world, can I prove this to other people it’s very hard to prove to a skeptic you have a gift. As they will always have a answer like  you’ve looked up the history of a location.
Back December 2009 where due to ending up in a coma form 3 weeks I couldn’t control stay closed. “YES” the psychic ability came back and is intensified.
K. Television programs and cleary fake mediums have lot to answer for
G.As much as I hate television programs I would have to say. A big thank you to Most Haunted as they brought it to the main stream. So without them there wouldn’t be public ghost hunt events. And you can print that
K.What made you take the root of investigation rather than the path of the rostrum
G.The reason I took the path of an investigate is many people go to see stand up medium/psychic. But there are many people that live in fear in their own homes that think they have no where to go or no one to turn to. It is those people in their homes that E.A.P.I. help out.
K. yes but due to legal reasons can’t say names but although certain programs brought it mainstream the dubious way evidence is reflected do you find this hinders the field
G. It hinders the field as the public think that when they come to an event something will happen. But I explain at the opening talk with them that we are not a television program. So we don’t need to get people watching every week so if anything happens it will. If it doesn’t then we are very sorry but that is the paranormal field.
K. I see your very good point there as i have seen that for myself also within a unnamed spiritualist church in the area you grew up i witnessed a “medium” tell a old woman in her 80s ” i feel both mum and dad are on the other side now and send love” and thee sitter was oh wow my parents came through
G. That is the trouble with stand up mediums my favorite is. I’ve got an old gentleman here was in the ww1 or ww2 and passed over with cancer. Now please how many people in one room can take that. I would say a good 80% to 90% of the room.
K. I’m not sure of the stats without checkkng my database but i believe 0.01% of paranormal activity be it experiences photo or video is real activity
G. I’ve never looked at stats because in my opinion most paranormal activity is personal experiences. Any photo or video there will always be someone trying to debunk it which is great.
K. What has been the most active investigation you have done

G. If you are asking about a public event then it would have to be Coronation Hall Mundesley. But as for private investigations and of course I can’t say where due to client confidentiality we did one that had over 13 spirits in.
K. Is there a location in the world that would be your dream location
G. That one is a no brainer to me I know people would say Alcatraz, Stanley Hotel, Transylvania Castle. But to me there can only be one place Poveglia Island off the coast of Venice.  I’ve just got a fascination with  Poveglia Island even before a certain television program went there.
There are certain places I wouldn’t investigate out of respect for people like Auschwitz.
K. man after my own heart there sadly though the castle often shown as vlad tepes is not the one he actually lived in….watch my blog on that one
K. have you ever investigated in norwich
G.    E.A.P.I. have only investigated one location in Norwich. But we are looking to do more public events there in 2018.
k.  living or dead anyone famous you would like investigate with
g. Wow what a question can I come back to that one.. but on thinking about it…It would be good to investigate with Ed and Lorraine Warren.
K. for legal reasons i can’t give opinions there
G. In the aspects of investigating with Ed and Lorraine Warren. It would be to see how they went about their investigations.
K.Are there other aspects of the paranormal you investigate such as ufo, cryptid, physics
G. There is a place for all aspects of the paranormal, I don’t investigate the others as the side of the paranormal I’m into you can never learn it all. As every investigation you go on it shows you something new.
K.Although you don’t investigate them do you have opinions on topics such as cryptids ufo
G. Crytozoology there is deffo something in it especially in our oceans as they are so deep something big could be living down there. As for UFO/ALIENS we as a race on this planet must be pig headed if we think we are the “ONLY” living beings within the galaxy.
K. So you abilities if you was to name them what would it be
 G. I used to call myself an events medium as I would read the location that we was at.  But a very good friend and mentor for the last 4 years that has done spiritual work platform work. Told me I’m not an events medium I’m a medium.
K. so is is it a empathic or psychometric feel you get on a location
G.  Whilst on location I use all my 5 sense  eyes, ears, tongue, skin, and nose along with the 6th sense.My third eye, These are the best pieces of equipment in an investigators armory and they “DON’T” cost you any money.
K. can you tell my readers about your team , how you got together and any big up coming events
G.  E.A.P.I. was formed on April 20th 2013 with the aim to help people within there homes and also to bring public ghost hunt events to the general public. We have a main team of 5 members who are myself founder, Sharon Bradfield Co-Founder, Alex Collins Audio/EVP ,Technician  Sam Lawrence Investigator, Mark Gray Investigator. Our next big event is at Coronation Hall Mundesley (Mentioned earlier) with guest speaker Vivien Powell on the 19th August 2017 ticket price £20.00. We are on facebook where you can find more of our events. We also have a website which is http://www.eapiuk.co.uk
K. does your mediumship impact your daily life
G. My mediumship doesn’t impact my daily life now as I’ve learnt over the years to control it. Learning is the key to any thing paranormal the more you learn the better.
K. do you have final comment for those wanting to get into the field or develope their mediumship
G. My only advice for anyone wanting to get in the field of paranormal is “NEVER WORK ALONE”. Make sure you have a good team behind you that will have your back at all times. Because just as you think it’s safe the paranormal will come and get you. If you using equipment learn what that equipment is used for. Never think that everything is paranormal always try and debunk. Because there is normal a rational explanation to what you’ve seen, heard or felt.
On closing can I please say without the 4 other members of E.A.P.I. there wouldn’t be an E.A.P.I… Because we are a team with individual qualities that come together and make it a better team. We won the Best Events Company 2016 at Paraforce UK last year. We are up for 7 awards this year including again Best Events Company.  On the learning side I should of mention I spent 4 years learning about ouija boards before I even took one on a public event. We try and make our events affordable so we ain’t as expensive as a lot of event groups  out there.I hope that I’ve answered you question and they have made sense and that your readers enjoy this interview.
Go back to your question:- if living or dead anyone famous you would like investigate with. I would like to change it as I’ve just remembered the persons name:- Harry Price A ghost hunter extraordinaire, Harry Price made a career out of exposing fake psychics and spiritualist mediums. I think this is the reason why I would like to investigate with him also I’ve made contact with him via ouija board 6 months ago. I had to ask him the question do you think I’m a fake…His replay was “NO”

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