Haunted Skies Rendlesham Forest Conference 2019

Col. Halt Returns to Woodbridge


E.A.P.I. are proud sponsors of this fantastic event this could be the last time that Col. Charles Halt visits the U.K.

Col. Charles Halt

JOHN HANSON – (‘Haunted Skies’ and ‘The Halt Perspective’ author) will give a fascinating insight to his joint venture of writing the book with Col. Halt and the follow up, coming early in 2019 which addresses much of what has happened over the past couple of years. And will, no doubt touch on many other great sightings in the East Anglia region.

SACHA CHRISTIE – will be giving and EXPLOSIVE talk on her exposure of the Larry Warren fraud. You won’t want to miss this IF you are interested in the REAL truth. She will show you graphic evidence of the lies, threats of violence and death. But most of all the lies which were proven and led to his book ‘Left at East Gate’ being removed from publication and his co-writer Peter Robbins very publicly disassociating himself from Warren. She is also very knowledgable about Rendlsham and indeed many other paranormal subjects, and has recently been asked to do her own hour radio show each week, which has been very successful.

DAVID BRYANT – (author of books including Our Forbidden Moon, Uninvited Companions and The Conspiracy Conspiracy) has a vast knowledge of East Anglian UFOlogy and the paranormal and has written widely about both. Over the years he has met many astronauts and cosmonauts and enjoyed the opportunity of discussing the Moon landings, UFOs and EBEs with them. His book ‘Uninvited Visitors’ is a study of strange visual anomalies such as mists and orbs (both of which are often seen in Rendlesham Forest) and he is sure to speak about and welcome questions about every aspect of his life-long research into both.

GARY BAKER – was a military Air Defence Radar operator who will add weight to the Rendlesham Forest Incident from a first hand RAF Air Defence perspective, confirming and clarifying RAF awareness at time and soon afterwards. Gary has also featured in a couple of documentaries and also in print on this subject! Sure to be a fascinating presentation.

GARY BRADFIELD – runs the East Anglia Paranormal Investigations group and has had his own experiences in Rendlesham Woods and will outline his and other experiences within the paranormal. Gary is also very psychic and has many stories to tell. His paranormal group also won the Paraforce award for ‘The Best Paranormal Events Company UK 2016’ also ‘PSW Award for Best Paranormal Events Company 2017’ which is the across the world!

Malcolm Robinson

DAVID YOUNG – will be acting as MC. David runs the ‘Strange Phenomena Investigations – East Anglia’ FB site and a couple more. He had much involvement in the exposing of Larry Warren as a fraud. David is adamant that he will do all he can to rid these serious subjects of “quite a few” Charlatans that he has become aware of over the past few years.


Woodbridge Community Hall

Suffolk IP12 3TP

Sunday 8th September 2019

Doors open at 9.30am – Starts 10.00am

Ticket Price Per Person:- £20.00

For further details or to book a ticket contact David Young