Ghost Hunt Events

EAPI Invite You to Come And Explore Their Realm With  Us … Come on Over to the Dark Side


Based in Lowestoft Suffolk

We are members of British  Paranormal Association and also have full public liability insurance.
Great for first timers just bring yourselves and a torch- we have other equipment available if you want to give it a go!
If you’re an old hand E.A.P.I. encourage you to bring your own gadgets and gizmos  that way you will be have your own experiences.

E.A.P.I. aim to work together to provide the best possible ghost hunting events for our members, with commitment to openness and communication, respect, equality and fairness to our members and all our team.

E.A.P.I. have ghost hunting events across the East Anglia region and other regions of U.K.


Coronation Hall

 Venue:- Coronation Hall  Location:-  Mundesley NR11 8BE

Date:- 1st December 2018 Time:- 8.00pm – 01.30am  Tickets:- £20.00 Per Person

Deposit = £10.00 on booking Non – Returnable

Built in 1910, Coronation Hall, Mundesley is the hub of this lovely North Norfolk fishing village. Situated on the cliff edge overlooking the sea it’s hard to imagine that anything “paranormal” could happen at this location. However it has surprised locals and visitors alike,having proven to be a regular ‘haunt’ for our friends from the other side. It has been featured in a magazine for the activity witnessed here.

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Bodmin Jail Weekend

25th May 2019 – 27th May 2019

Join E.A.P.I. for a two night special at Bodmin Jail. Explore and investigate this 18th century prison.

Bodmin Gaol was designed by Sir John Call and built in 1779 by prisoners of war, and was operational for 150 years, in which it saw over 50 public hangings. It was the first British prison to hold prisoners in individual cells. … The last person to be hanged was in 1909, subsequent executions took place in Exeter Prison.

Option 1
Book in for 2 nights of investigating with EAPI tickets per person will be £75.00

Option 2
You just want to do 1 night that’s fine join EAPI either night the ticket price per person is £40.00.

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Saturday, 13th July 2019 from 21:00-02:30

World War II

In 1941, the Air Ministry surveyed a piece of land not far from the Broads at Horning in Norfolk with a view to establishing a site to host a brand new Air Defence station, a Ground Control Intercept station to be exact, from where Fighter Controllers, backed up by a wide range of support staff, could direct RAF fighters, day or night, to attack enemy aircraft from Germany as they launched raids against Military and Industrial targets in Norfolk as well as against the City of Norwich itself.

In September 1941, two years into the Second World War, the first Secret radar system was installed at the new Radar Station of RAF Neatishead.  Initially, the complement of forty airmen and airwomen was billeted at a local village and training began in this radical early warning system. At first, the station was home to temporary mobile Radars but it was soon to boast new, improved fixed Radar systems such as the Type 7 Search Radar and Type 13 Height-finding Radars.  The hardened Control Room, the “Happidrome” was built and it is this very building which, today, forms part of the Museum.
Join E.A.P.I. and their special guest independent film maker Michael Postlethwaite as they investigate and document their experiences on film.
Ticket Price = £25.00 per person
Deposit option = £10.00 Non – Returnable this will secure your place as this event is for 2019. Total payment will be due on June 1st 2019.
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Saturday, 21st September 2019 from 20:00-02:00
Several phantoms were said to have made their home here. The farmhouse was reputed to be haunted by an old man and his wife, Kate, while the Exhibit Barn was home to a dark shape, thought to be male. A door slamming poltergeist was said to be found in the Withern Cottage. The resident porcelain doll is interesting too, several times being removed from the Mud and Stud, the door locked, but yet the next morning….she’s eerily returned to her place in the seat she always takes.
Join E.A.P.I. as we venture back to The Village Church Farm Museum. Use our equipment, join in with vigils, use the Ouija, glass work and table tipping, experience a real paranormal investigation.
TICKET PRICE:- £20.00 Per person
All food and drinks will be supplied by the museum at reasonable prices. This will go towards the up keep of the museum.
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