E.A.P.I. Make the local paper

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One thought on “E.A.P.I. Make the local paper

  1. Really enjoyed the article and it brought back memories of a little boy and his “friend” who nearly drove me mad.This was no imaginary friend, Peter was very real and me and my husband had to treat him as such. I could feel his presence but not actually see him,but it was like having another child in the house.We lived on a very busy main road and we all soon realised “Peter” would not cross the road and would wait for Gary to come home, even when he started going to school. The day we moved to a new home, Gary hugged his little friend on the kerbside and said “Bye Peter” and it was so sad. I hope Peter is happy wherever he is because he made my son very happy until he was 6 years old.

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