A Traditional Witch/A Kitchen Witch

A Traditional Witch

A traditional¬† Witchcraft is a difficult term to define. Each witch following a traditional path has his/her own idea as to what it means to be Traditional. For some Trad Craft is tracing their lineage back to the crafts of the ancestors in their family tree, for others Trad Craft is about blending the practises and workings from witches of older times into their own path. A Traditional Witch can follow a specific tradition,her own family tradition or she can follow the essence of the beliefs that have gone before. The only element of Traditional Craft that is a “must” is that the core of the individual witch’s personal beliefs and practises must be rooted in the “traditions” of times gone by. Modern ideas can be and often are incorporated into an individual’s practise but in order for a witch to make a claim to being traditional she must be involved to some extent or another in following where witches who have gone before her have trod. Without a nod to history there can be no claim to Tradition.

The Traditional Witch seeks to create her own path while honouring those who have gone before. The traditions, wisdom and knowledge of ancestors and forefathers are preserved and kept alive by witches practising in modern times. Most Traditional Witches will invite/invoke spirits in their work (again very different to the Wiccan witch). The folk magic of the cunning folk is passed down through the new generations of witches, through terms of family heritage, through covens of like minded practitioners, through both published and secret Grimoires and – perhaps just starting to be more common in the modern age – through the medium of the internet.


A Kitchen Witch

To a Kitchen Witch, the kitchen is sacred. It’s where the magick happens, whether it’s mixing up a potion, or cooking up a family dinner. Kitchen Witches use the same tools for magickal work as they do for mundane, as ALL work is magickal, and by using these tools, it puts in our energies and binds them to us, makes them more powerful and meaningful. We don’t save our tools for “best” – every day is a reason to get the “best” out from the back of the cupboard.

A Kitchen Witch is often a good cook also, and knows a trick or two about keeping house. A house is more than just a home for a kitchen witch – it is their sacred space, and the heart of the home, the place where this magick takes place – that is the kitchen.

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