Who Are EAPI?

East Anglia Paranormal Investigations is a paranormal group based in

Suffolk East Anglia U.K.


E.A.P.I. offer ghost hunting events in East Anglia and beyond, at fantastic price’s.

We aim to work together to provide the best paranormal events for our guests, with commitment to openness and communication, respect, equality and fairness to our guests and all our team.

Will YOU cross into the Shadows, Away from the light? And EMBRACE what lies within?

E.A.P.I. is the  combination of a group of people not only interested in capturing alleged paranormal occurrences such as ghosts, spirits, haunting and poltergeist activity, but furthermore tries to take steps to understand the cause and possible mechanisms underlying such activity.



Although our theory is that a high percentage of perceived paranormal activity can be explained as natural or psychological in origin, E.A.P.I. team members remain open-minded to all possibilities, may it result in a ‘natural’ or a ‘potential paranormal’ conclusion.All paranormal investigations are carried out with full respect using scientific equipment and a medium.

Our Mission

Is to research unexplained events by collecting objective evidence using investigative techniques. We go into a paranormal investigation with an open mind but we “NEVER” assume that an event is paranormal until all the evidence has been reviewed. We do not disregard the ability of those that say they are sensitive however we do not solely rely on subjective evidence to prove or disprove whether a place is haunted! We welcome anyone who is sensitive to join our group.


E.A.P.I. would like to raise the standards of paranormal investigations by putting out evidence as we get it. We will not embellish our results to fit the expectations of others or grab the attention of the MEDIA.


A Team with decades of experience Between us. We do both public and private investigations, so whether you have visitors from another realm that are bothering you OR think you have resident spirits, our team are available to investigate. ANY private investigation is treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect. You Will be involved at every stage, and during the investigation should you so wish. If any evidence is captured we at E.A.P.I. will provide you with copies. We Are dedicated to our clients, and the investigation does not just stop there. E.A.P.I. pride ourselves on the fact we provide aftercare, and will be at your disposal after the event.

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